The role of compassion in customer experience: interview with Laura Jack – E05

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 Laura Jack is a counselor, coach and author of the bestselling book, The Compassion Code. Laura is also a close friend, and during a recent visit to the US, we were catching up about life and our jobs. Laura was telling me about her work helping people understand and relate kindly to others, when we realized that our careers had an interesting and unexpected common vein.  A few weeks later we recorded an interview via Skype.

Understanding the perspectives of other and making decisions within this context is the foundation good customer experience. Laura is an expert on this topic, so it was great to hear her insights on how embracing and enabling compassion can improve CX.

Laura kicks off our podcast conversation by sharing how compassion has become an area of heightened interest, the definitions of sympathy/empathy/compassion, why they are different, and the role of compassion in customer experiences. Later in the episode, discuss the importance of compassion in the workplace, how managers of frontline teams can mitigate “empathy fatigue”, and finally, how to teach back office employees to relate to a customer they may never meet in person.

To find out more about Laura’s work, please visit her website. You’ll find information about her services, as well as her contact information. The Compassion Code is an excellent read. It’s available in print in the US, or globally as an e-book.

Laura visits South Africa in 2014 (no, that rainbow isn’t photo-shopped!)

Laura’s book